Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Medical Animation Video, "Heal"

To my dear health enthusiasts,

Greetings to you all!  I thought that the following video, produced by Ghost Productions, was absolutely beautiful and fascinating.:
(5 minutes, 21 seconds in length)

This superbly done medical animation film wonderfully accentuates the process of "Heal". This inspiring film marvelously displays the human anatomy and its wonderful supporting systems, as well as the great technology and recuperative powers of modern orthopedic medicine. I especially enjoyed seeing a close up of the hero's spine and the wonderful advances that modern medicine has apparently made in the realm of very functional disk replacements.

At the conclusion of the video, there is the final screen display:

Ghost … Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence in Medical Animation

I have absolutely no affiliation with "Ghost Productions".  I just thought that they presented an extremely well done video.  I hope that you enjoy this short film as much as I did!

The best to all,

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