Directions & Available Parking

Driving Directions to the offices of Dr. Lin Cheng Speer and James Speer:
We are 10 blocks from the ocean in beautiful Santa Monica.

From the I 405, exit 10 West.  Continue on 10 West.  Take the Lincoln Blvd. exit.  Turn right onto Lincoln Blvd. to head north.  Continue on Lincoln Blvd. for 7/10 of a mile.  Turn right on Wilshire Blvd.  Our office is 2 blocks down Wilshire Blvd.  We are the Northeast corner of Wilshire Blvd. and 10th Street.  We are in the same building as the landmark Santa Monica Liquor Store, which is on the first floor.

For Parking:

Turn left onto 10th Street (northbound) in order to then make an immediate right into the parking lot which is behind the building.  We have 2 parking spaces near each other that are clearly marked by having the word, ACUPUNCTURE, written in white letters emblazoned onto the black pavement.

If both of our parking spaces are full, you may park in the parking spaces that are marked with the numbers, 100, written in white numerals emblazoned onto the black pavement.

After parking, come around to the front of the building for the entrance to the elevator.  Take the elevator to the second floor.  Dr. Lin’s office, suite #203, is adjacent to the elevator.  James’s office, #208, is on the other side of the elevator.

Or, if you prefer, rather than using the elevator, while you are still in the parking lot, you will see 3 different stairways behind the building.  Take the middle stairway up to the second floor.

To see our location on, go to:

Guan Yin Acupuncture & Movement-Education Center
Dr. Lin Cheng Speer, LAc, OMD, PhD
James Speer, Injury Rehab Therapist
Functional Movement-Education Therapist
Practitioner of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
1003 Wilshire Blvd. Suites #203, #208
Santa Monica, CA 90401
tel. 310-395-1952

"Health Is All that Matters!"

"If you’re in pain, or your body aches, I give you the sensory motor experience to be able to move freely, effortlessly, pleasantly, without strain or discomfort. Say 'Hello' to relaxing, and 'Goodbye' to stiffness and pain!"
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