Friday, May 31, 2013

A Cool Short Video, "Anthro"

Dear friends,

I just came across the following cool video on YouTube, titled "Anthro"., 5 minutes, 41 seconds in length

I think that the special effects look great! The video shows a small outtake
for a proposed, potentially full movie regarding "artificial evolution"
experiments being conducted on the moon, via a moon colony of scientists. The
dramatic clip opens up with a "MayDay", or Distress Call from the Lunar Base
directed to earth, requesting immediate help.

This video incites within me a philosophical question, in that, will we as a
species, albeit the "human being" species, over the next few million years or
so, if we don't happen to otherwise die out of existence or somehow exhaust our
gene pool, evolve to be a more superior being, that is, possessing greater
superior strength and intelligence, as suggested in the "Anthro" video? Or,
would we humans instead evolve into being a more feeble or weaker species having
lesser intelligence as well? If you believe in Darwinian Evolution, we, as a
species, that being "Cro-Magnon man", came into existence about 100,000 years
ago or so, as the offshoot of our ancestral predecessors, they being
"Neanderthal Man".  Neanderthal people had much greater strength than we current Cro-Magnon people. However, we Cro-Magnons possess much greater intelligence than the Neanderthal people did.  That last sentence is perhaps debatable.

The "Anthro" video suggests that men of the future would possess both greater
intelligence and strength, even perhaps having telekinetic abilities. For
example, observe how the "Anthro" creature is able to unleash his will, rather,
his mental powers, onto the much weaker human being, thus, resulting in
increased pressure onto the human being and ultimately cracking the human
being's face mask.

However, come to think of it, the Anthro creature is not a result of Natural
Evolution. Instead, apparently, "Anthro" is, I guess, some sort of
laboratory-controlled evolution. Therefore, I'm speculating that the scientists
were responsible for tweaking the humanoid species toward whatever particular
direction they chose to go in, that is, to ultimately produce some sort of
humanoid being ("Anthro") capable of much greater strength and intelligence than
current human beings. The whole thing brings up an interesting concept and
subject matter.

FYI. When doing an online search for the word, "Anthro", I come up with the

Anthropo - (from Greek "human"), a prefix meaning human, humanoid, or humanlike,
especially with regards to sentience.

The word "sentience" means the ability to feel, perceive or be conscious, or to
experience subjectivity.

Anyway, enough cerebration! 
:-)  Simply enjoy the short video!

Check out the "Double Eyes" of the evil "Anthro" creature. Coooooouuuuuuulll!

The best to all,

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