Sunday, November 4, 2012

Walking Poles

Dear Movement Education friends,

Greetings to you all!  Some of you may be interested in hearing about "Walking Poles".  These long poles seem to becoming more popular for people, not only for mountaineering or trekking, but just for ordinary folk who wish to go walking.  Walking Poles are also finding other valuable uses such as for the elderly, or people recovering from injuries.  Also known as Trekking poles, hiking poles, hiking sticks, or even walking sticks, these "sticks" or "poles" are similar in appearance and length to a traditional ski pole and can provide a wonderful form of "Movement Reeducation" to one as he or she is engaging about the fun activity of walking.

Walking poles can gently remind you that the action of walking is a Whole Body Movement.  Just as your biological ancestors (many millions of years ago) used all four limbs for walking, the use of the modern day walking poles reminds you that your arms, as well as the rest of your body, are participating in the action of walking, in addition to your current awareness of the use of your legs.
I have absolutely no business affiliation with anyone associated with any of the several different walking pole companies.  I am just happy to share with you all a helpful product.  Walking poles can be purchased from many places, one of them being:  "Highland Cork Air Shock" from Komperdell.

For those of you interested, you may like to check out the following link of this company's website:

Recall that it is within our geneological ancestry, or ancient biological nature, that when we used to previously walk on all fours, we naturally knew, without even thinking, how to integrate the movement of our front paws with our back paws, as well as with the rest of our body.  Now that we as humans walk upright, for the most part, we have perhaps subsequently lost some of that integration that we previously had naturally with our arms (a.k.a. our front paws).  Thus, as a useful tool for re-discovering or re-integrating the movement of our arms with the rest of our body, walking sticks (walking poles) are therefore very useful.

For someone who is having difficulty or balance issues while walking, rather than using the traditional cane while walking, which can possibly create an unnatural asymmetry within one's body, it can sometimes be more effective to use two different walking poles, one for each hand.  This is a more evenly distributed, balanced, and natural movement for one's body.

Happy walking!

All the best in great health!


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