The “2-Minute Feldenkrais Miracle” to Free Up Your Stiff Neck

Hello to you!  I am James Speer, Injury Rehab Therapist.  If you’re currently experiencing neck issues, you should find the following short video helpful.  My training in Movement Re-education as a fully-Certified Feldenkrais®
Practitioner has qualified me since 1994 to be able to work with people experiencing orthopedic, musculo-skeletal, and neurological conditions.

A large portion of my private practice involves people coming to see me for neck and back injuries, neck and back pain, or neck and back stiffness, that usually require a full, private, hands-on Feldenkrais session with me.

However, in the meantime, here’s a wonderful Feldenkrais technique for you that you can use for yourself in order to give you relief from neck stiffness.  I call this the “’2-Minute Feldenkrais Miracle’ to Free Up Your Stiff Neck”.

You can either sit or stand for this, however, you are comfortable.

I am going to demonstrate this in standing.  Please feel free to do this along with me on the video. 

Click here to see the video, "2-Minute Feldenkrais Miracle" to alleviate your neck stiffness.

If you’re already familiar with this video, you can forego my introduction, and, instead, skip ahead to 2:20 where I start to begin to demonstrate this technique.


I hope that you found this video helpful.  You may also be interested in an individual, full Feldenkrais session with me where I work with you privately, hands-on.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have.  Thank you very much.

All the best to you in great health!


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