The “2-Minute Movement-Education Miracle” to Free Up Your Stiff Neck

Hello to you!  I am James Speer, Injury Rehab Therapist.  If you’re currently experiencing neck issues, you should find the following short video helpful. 
My training in Movement Re-education, as a Practitioner of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, as a fully-Certified Functional Movement Therapist, has qualified me since 1994 to be able to work with people experiencing orthopedic, musculo-skeletal, and neurological conditions.

A large portion of my private practice involves people coming to see me for neck and back injuries, neck and back pain, or neck and back stiffness, that usually require a full, private, hands-on
Functional Movement-Education session with me.

However, in the meantime, here’s a wonderful
Functional Movement-Education technique for you that you can use for yourself in order to give you relief from neck stiffness.  I call this the “’2-Minute Functional Movement-Education Miracle’ to Free Up Your Stiff Neck”.

You can either sit or stand for this, however, you are comfortable.

I am going to demonstrate this in standing.  Please feel free to do this along with me on the video. 

Click here to see the video, "2-Minute Functional Movement-Education Miracle" to alleviate your neck stiffness.

If you’re already familiar with this video, you can forego my introduction, and, instead, skip ahead to 2:20 where I start to begin to demonstrate this technique.


I hope that you found this video helpful.  You may also be interested in an individual, full Functional Movement-Education session with me where I work with you privately, hands-on.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have.  Thank you very much.

All the best to you in great health!


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"If you’re in pain, or your body aches, I give you the sensory motor experience to be able to move freely, effortlessly, pleasantly, without strain or discomfort. Say 'Hello' to relaxing, and 'Goodbye' to stiffness and pain!"
To see my popular YouTube video of me demonstrating the wonderful "'2-Minute Movement-Education Miracle' to Free Up Your Stiff Neck", Click Here
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