Friday, August 29, 2014

What to expect in your first visit with me

James Speer

Greetings to you friend,

I applaud your wise life decision to invest in your health and well being by seeing a health practitioner.  To give you a little heads up in what to expect in your first session with me, firstly, I normally ask a new client in the beginning of their first visit with me to ...

"Please tell me a little about yourself and what I can do for you.  ..."  Often times, people tell me that they are here in my office to see me because they have, for instance, neck pain or back pain or shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, or wrist pain. 

I do not, per say, work with pain, but instead, as a Practitioner of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, I do Movement Education.  Thus, I refocus any perceived structural or pain issues into the context of functionality or movement.

Therefore, I might follow-up by asking the client, "What is it, in your experience, that tells you that you have pain?"  They might say, for instance, "Now it hurts me when I hit my tennis forehand."  Or, "When I lift my child my back hurts."  "My right wrist hurts me when typing at the computer."  "I am uncomfortable while sitting at the computer."  "My knee hurts when I run."  "Now I feel this pain in my hip when I walk."  "Walking seems to be hard for me now.  It sometimes feels like it's a struggle.  I even feel a little off balance.  Walking is now just uncomfortable for me."

These are just some examples of how I then will begin to place our session together within the context or perspective of working with you, the client, in order to improve your, for instance, tennis stroke, or to be better organized to be able to lift more efficiently, or to be able to type on the keyboard without pain, or to be able to sit more comfortably ... or to be able to walk more comfortably, etc.

 If you are a performer or athlete, who is not in any pain, you may wish to see me in order to refine your movement, that is, to improve the form for your sport more efficiently.

Or, you may be interested in seeing me for, not necessarily any types of pain or movement issues, but simply for a relaxing, stress-breaker, rejuvenating session.

You may find it helpful before seeing me to look at the following video to see me working with, for instance, a client with back pain.

I look forward to seeing you.

All the best to you.  Take good care,

Guan Yin Acupuncture & Movement-Education Center
Dr. Lin Cheng Speer, LAc, OMD, PhD
James Speer, Injury Rehab Therapist
Functional Movement-Education Therapist
Practitioner of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
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"If you’re in pain, or your body aches, I give you the sensory motor experience to be able to move freely, effortlessly, pleasantly, without strain or discomfort. Say 'Hello' to relaxing, and 'Goodbye' to stiffness and pain!"
To see my popular YouTube video of me demonstrating the wonderful "'2-Minute Movement-Education Miracle' to Free Up Your Stiff Neck", Click Here
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